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Thank you!

Thank you for taking a moment to write me. Whether good or bad, I treat every correspondence with a great level of sincerity and contrition. If you’re writing with a desire for prayer, I pray that as you write your missive, GOD will answer your pray with exceptional swiftness to satisfy your inquiry and settle any anxiety you may be experiencing. Let your heart be inclined to the HOLY SPIRIT as he leads you into a communion with GOD, to bring to closure the matters of your heart by sealing your desires with HIS peace.

If you’re just writing to say “HELLO,” I thank you so very much. I’m never too busy to hear from our members, our partners, and our guests. He that has friends must show himself friendly and INDEED this is friendliness at its finest. Please leave a way for me to correspond in return via email or regular mailing.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please feel no pressure in keeping your privacy. I want you to have the absolute freedom to write without hindrance or fear.

If you’re requesting a meeting, I’ll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and I look forward to speaking or meeting with you soon.

In closing, I ask for your consideration to pray for our church & staff that we remain earnest and contrite in every area of our lives, that we uphold the integrity of ministry to it’s highest extent, and to exhibit the genuine spirit of GOD in everything we do by displaying the model of JESUS CHRIST to all we meet.

Again, I thank you for this correspondence and I hope to see you soon

Ardently submitted,


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