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The Love Center is currently in a 5 Phase development for our NEW CHURCH/LIFE CENTER. We have secured NEW state of the art audio & video equipment for the new location and we are adding NEW CHAIRS, ELECTRONICS, OFFICE FURNITURE (FOR THE OFFICES) and LIGHTING for the new sanctuary.

Understanding the change within the church has made us look at a change in how a church would be built. We’ve decided to use SPRUNG INSTANT STRUCTURES. Sprung is dedicated to empowering customers with total design flexibility.  Sprung’s modular design allows you to easily add or remove modules so you can increase or decrease the available square footage of your structure. When appropriate soil conditions exist, temporary applications have absolutely zero subsurface foundation requirements for structures up to 160 feet wide. By using a modular building, the ministry will have the capability of continued growth at an economical cost and maintaining the highest standard of safety & flexibility.  Sprung structures can be increased in size, reconfigured or relocated. They are multi-use and adapt easily to the needs of multiple market sectors. This is how our new building will be constructed!

There a 5 steps to acquire our NEW FACILITY:

All of your donations are helping us “Possess the Promise” of a NEW CHURCH where we can fulfill the vision of the Bishop, which includes;

For every tax-deductible donation made to this project, a memorial page will be built on our website to eternally thank every giver toward our goal. We want everyone to know the people that helped us achieve OUR PROMISE.

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The The “Canaan” Project Possessing Promise Take a look at The Sprung Instant Structure Experience…